Our Teachers

We are an experienced team passionate about helping students learn better and faster. And we help them do so with smiles on their faces – this is our unspoken philosophy of “happy students = happy results”.

In previous roles, as students, we were graduates of world-class universities such as NUS, University of Cambridge, Imperial College of London, Newcastle University, University of Queensland, NTU, among other reputable universities. We have come together at AKLC to accomplish something big and meaningful. 

Any tuition teacher can trumpet his or her academic credentials, but this is simply a basic requirement of an AKLC teacher. Indeed, having superb academic credentials does not necessarily mean one is able to teach well. That is why our teachers are the only ones in Singapore trained by Mr Adam Khoo, an internationally acclaimed peak performance speaker, to deliver lessons in an engaging and motivating manner. AKLC students benefit from this unique way of teaching as they soon learn to love the learning process, making them more inspired to strive for excellence. And our track record says it all – more than 80% of our past PSLE and O-Level students scored distinctions!

 That is the distinct advantage your children are going to have when you have us on your side. 


AKLC Certified Virtual Facilitator
Our teachers are among the first in Singapore to be certified by the International Institute for Facilitation – INIFAC Certified Virtual Facilitator!

This certification, from INIFAC, recognises that our teachers know how to facilitate virtual meetings and classes effectively.

Happy students
Happy results

Senior Teachers

Adeline graduated from University at Buffalo, with a double major in Psychology and Communication. She is also CELTA-trained – CELTA is an internationally recognised qualification in teaching English as a foreign language that is awarded by Cambridge Assessment English (part of the University of Cambridge).

She sees the power of guidance and how its nuances can convey subtle but powerful meanings. Having more than 6 years of hands-on teaching experience, she devotes her time leading and mentoring primary and secondary students in English language.

As a result, Adeline has developed highly effective teaching techniques which have allowed her to educate all audio, visual and kinaesthetic learners. In addition, fostering a fun and engaging learning environment that promotes self-motivation and encourages growing independence is also one of her self-professed hobby. Equipped with well-established pedagogies and classroom management skills, it not only allows her to help students excel academically, it also helps them to break out of their limiting beliefs as they channel their energy positively towards attaining their academic distinctions.

Ancella graduated the top student of her faculty, from the University of Queensland, Australia, and has been teaching for more than 10 years in schools and learning institutes around Australia and Singapore. She has journeyed with over 1800 students through Singapore’s PSLE. In fact, 2020 is Ancella’s 12th PSLE year! Leading PSLE bootcamps semi-annually since 2011 is also testament to her thorough knowledge in the PSLE syllabus.

Beyond the paper chase, Ancella has also championed various school programmes aimed at igniting a passion for numbers beyond the stipulated school curriculum and has led teams of students overseas on educational and volunteer expeditions. She believes that qualities such as resilience, perseverance and grit are equally important in preparing our children for the challenges of the future. Ancella has therefore made it a personal mission to not only help children improve their academic performance, but to also encourage them to dream big, plan well and succeed!

With more 15 years of experience in teaching at both government and private schools, Iris has amassed extensive know-how in imparting seemingly difficult science concepts to children from ages 7 to 16. She has the natural ability to turn these concepts into fun episodes of experiential learning that the children can relate to in real-life. Iris utilises a range of teaching strategies including visual and audio presentations, as well as experiments, to cater to the diverse learning needs of her students. 

She is also someone who is constantly sharpening her skills by keeping abreast of the latest pedagogies – she has recently received her Certificate in Education from the University of Cambridge which taught her research-based instructional strategies, such as hands-on activities and interactive model. Her students are now becoming even more motivated to learn Science and are curious how things work the way they do in the real world.

She believes that all students are curious learners and has always lived by her favourite quote by James Dewar, a famous chemist –  “Minds are like parachutes, they only function when they are open.” Iris strives to be the wind in her students’ parachutes to nourish their minds with engaging lessons so they can soar and become lifelong learners.

Erwin graduated from Newcastle University (UK) with a 2nd Upper honours and a Masters degree in Electronic Engineering.

As an avid roboticist, he took part in Newcastle University’s aerial drones research programme for 2 years. He also gained substantial teaching skills as a Teaching Assistant to the robotics module for Newcastle University’s Mechatronics Degree.

Being an accomplished Engineering graduate, he is naturally mathematically gifted. Erwin is experienced in Singapore’s Maths syllabus having taught for 5 years at International Schools that adopt Singapore’s PSLE and Singapore-Cambridge O-Level syllabi.

The thrill, excitement and joy of teaching students and inculcating in them Maths interests and computational thinking patterns are some of things he looks forward to every class.

Eugene was a recipient of multiple scholarships that had brought him to world-renowned universities such as the University of Cambridge, and Imperial College London, where he graduated with three Master’s degrees and a Bachelor degree.

He is devoted to academic excellence, and to cultivating a passion for Maths and Physics in his students. His unique Maths persona has earned him the nickname ‘Naggy Gene’ from his students.

Eugene’s ability to “divide and conquer” every Maths topic is well-honed. That has made learning Maths much easier for his students, not to mention the lame jokes that he cracks to break the monotony of Maths. He takes great pride in making Maths fun (whenever the situation permits) for his students as he understands Maths can be considered “dry” by some.

The studying techniques that he had used as a student continue to be relevant in achieving ‘As’ today. And Eugene is someone who will without any reservations place at the disposal of his students the essence of his knowledge to complement the already well-established AKLC curriculum.

During his free time, he enjoys sparring with his students, intellectually of course.


Grade jumped from a D to B

My grade jumped from a D to B for PSLE! Before AKLC, I scored a D for my English. Now, I am proud to now say I scored a B for my PSLE English. As a dyslexic, language has always been a problem for me. The English Mastery™ programme helped me fully understand vocabulary and grammar. Thank you Adam Khoo Learning Centre for helping me manage my learning difficulties.

Muhammad Raayan Bin Mohd Ramlan
Tanjong Katong Primary School
Student of AKLC 2010

Many useful study techniques

Adam Khoo Learning Centre has taught me many useful study techniques and in turn, it has helped me greatly in my academics. 

Keith Lim
Pei Hwa Primary School
Student of AKLC 2010

Best answer right on the spot

I would like to thank the teachers at Adam Khoo Learning Centre for their consistent encouragement. Though I had been with the Centre for less than a year, I have enjoyed the lessons tremendously.  Whenever I have any personal questions, from school or past exam papers, the teacher provided me with the best answer right on the spot. This contributed to my huge improvement in Maths and me scoring A* for PSLE.  Thank you for making the difference!

Ansley Chee Wei-Jinn
Nan Hua Primary School
Student of AKLC 2014

Easily grasp the concept

I have been a student at AKLC for two and half years. I really value my education at AKLC.

Before I joined AKLC, I hated Math as it was so difficult and I could only score a “B” in school. But after I joined, my Math result had went up to a high “A” and now I scored an “A*” for PSLE. AKLC taught us different methods to solve difficult Math questions and the way they taught us was very interesting, I could easily grasp the concept to solve the questions. Thank you AKLC for teaching me these methods that help me improve so much!

Carmen Low Gah Mung
School Of The Arts
Student of AKLC 2014

To be an effective person & persevere

I like Adam Khoo's learning centre a lot because it teaches us many good examples to be an effective person, on how to persevere and do other stuff as well as to score A's in studies

Khadeeja Nadira  2014 FB review

Enjoyed each and every lesson

My son has been with AKLC for a few years and he always enjoyed each and every lesson.

David Lee
October 2017 FB review