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July 22, 2020

How To Study Effectively with Exam Anxiety?

How To Study Effectively with Exam Anxiety

What is anxiety?

As humans, we all experience a surge of unease when it concerns events with uncertain outcomes. If the question is on whether stress is beneficial then my answer would be yes. The right amount of stress helps you work faster and more efficiently, thus, improving your level of productivity. However, overwhelming anxiety on the other hand, can hinder your performance and even create a mental block in the most crucial moment.

Causes of anxiety

Knowing the cause of your anxiety will put you in a better position to tackle the demon. Exam anxiety could be linked to various reasons such as:

  • Poor preparation/Last minute preparation
  • Bad experience in a previous exam
  • Being a perfectionist and refusing to accept any standard short of perfection

Whatever the reason may be, it is important not to fret over it and simply employ tactics to get over the anxiety at once.  

Studying Effectively with Exam Anxiety

1.Plan your revision

Starting your revision early is one key way to diminish exam anxiety. Starting your revision after the June holidays means that you only have less than 3 months to PSLE. That itself will cause your anxiety to hit the fans. Take enough time to do yourself justice. Revision is not about cramming all the information in your head the very last minute. It is about revisiting something that you have already learnt and simply refreshing your knowledge. Plan ahead so that your revision can be done in a stress-free and steady pace. You can always seek assistance from your teachers or tutors to guide you on your weaker topics. Remember, we don’t bite and would love to help! And remember to take some time after your revision to unwind!

2. Take breaks at appropriate intervals

Studying every single waking minute will drive you to exhaustion long before your actual examinations. It is important to strike a balance between study and leisure. Ensure to have one day a week completely free from revision so that you can involve yourself in relaxing activities that you enjoy doing such as swimming, football, painting and even yoga!

 3. Counter Pre-Exam Jitters

Being confident will automatically reduce your exam jitters, therefore do your best to be well prepared! Avoid cramming your notes the night before your exam or the morning of your paper, it will only result in you feeling anxious!

Humour is a great tool to defuse pre-exam jitters. Read a funny book, watch funny vines or do whatever else that makes you feel relaxed and tickles your funny bone whenever you feel stressed!

Note that it’s only natural to feel nervous before your examinations so don’t be too hard on yourself! Good luck, champs!

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