Lower Primary

Primary Three

AKLC P3 English Mastery

English Mastery™ P3

English Mastery™ for Primary 3 is designed to develop your child’s writing and presenting skills.

Our English tuition classes are 2 hours long and your child will learn to: 

  • Identify the main gist and main idea of the article/passage.
  • Learn to make predictions through contextual clues  
  • Use discussion ideas and prior knowledge to better understand the text
  • Make a connection between text and personal experience
  • Ask a question at different levels
  • Identify sequence details in a passage
  • Produce and select appropriate ideas for writing and representing 
  • Recognise and increase their personal vocabulary work bank and master the corresponding sounds of various digraphs.

Maths Mastery™ P3

Primary 3 is when the Maths syllabus becomes unrealistically difficult for some newly-minted Primary 3 students.

There is now an increasing need to strengthen foundational knowledge gained at the lower primary levels and bridge the gap to upper primary by introducing advanced word problems.


Your child will be proficient in:

  1. Whole numbers such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of up to 3-digit numbers;
  2. Fractions such as recognizing and naming equivalent fractions, listing the first 8 equivalent fractions of a given fraction, comparing and ordering unlike fractions, etc.;
  3. Measurement such as measurement in compound units, conversion of a measurement in compound units to smaller units, and vice versa, etc., area and perimeter, measurement of the area in square units, square centimeters/ meters, etc.;
  4. Geometry such as angles (excluding the use of the terms ‘acute’, ‘obtuse’ and ‘reflex’ angles);
  5. Data Analysis such as bar graphs.
AKLC P3 Maths Mastery
AKLC P3 Science Mastery

Science Mastery™ P3

In Primary 3, every student is introduced to the world of Science. A world full of marvels and wonders in fundamental topics like Classification of Animals, Fungi and Materials etc.

Some students will be overwhelmed with the sudden wave of scientific terms and answering techniques.

Our Science tuition programme seeks to ease the journey there.


Students will master science through discovery during learning journeys to learn about Science in depth in an interactive approach.

Besides that, they will master processing and answering techniques. Incorporating 21st century learning processes and the Socratic questioning approach, the Science tuition classes incorporate engaging videos and interactive activities such as Hot Seat and quizzes that focus on the students’ development of critical reasoning skills and answering techniques.

Through the programme, your child will:

  • Retain key information though fun and interactive activities
  • Develop critical analytical skills in comprehending science questions
  • Master presentation skills through group discussions via Scientific Terms