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July 22, 2020

Making Effective Notes

Students are taught a lot of things in school. However, one thing that is often left out by teachers is how to make effective study notes.

Notes are helpful for summarizing important concepts from textbooks and helping you remember content better and study more effectively. The skill of making effective notes is important for students of all levels, from primary to secondary and even tertiary. Now, let’s find out what are some techniques that we can learn to make effective study notes!

#1 – Outlining

This is the most common method used for making notes. Information is organised in a hierarchical structure with a heading for the main concept, subheadings and bullet points of all the important information that you need to remember. With notes like these, it is easier to identify and study the key points of the chapters!

#2 – Mindmapping

Mindmapping is great for establishing relationships between bits of information through the use of arrows or branches. You can easily link concepts together using mind maps and understand them at a glance. This method is very useful for creating links between chapters or as a summary of the topics in a given chapter.

#3 -The Cornell Method

This method is great for taking down notes in class. Separate the page into sections as shown in the picture. The left column is for important concepts while the right column is for jotting down information about the concepts. Do a short summary of the lesson at the end of the page to reinforce concepts in your mind. This method will allow you to copy down notes effectively in class and allow you to review them easily when you are doing your revision.

One tip to keep in mind is to use colours for your notes! Colours aid easy retention of information when you are revising. You can use different colours to denote the different headings and subheadings. Who wants to study a set of boring-looking notes right? Also, remember to jot down only the important points. If you are going to write out the entire textbook, your notes will not be effective anymore. We hope these note-making techniques will be useful for you!

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