Maths Mastery™


In our Primary Maths Mastery™ programme, we use BRIDGES, a problem-solving method curated by our very own PSLE specialists. BRIDGES is a faster and easier alternative to bar-model methods taught in primary schools. This, along with other novel techniques, gives our students the confidence and skills needed to solve problems efficiently. If BRIDGES isn’t the best way to solve those hideous PSLE Maths Paper 2 word problems, we want to hear from you.

AKLC P6 Maths Mastery



Secondary level Maths involves learning complex concepts, skills, cognitive and metacognitive skills. In order for such a learning process to be effective, our Maths Specialists employ the H.E.I.R technique – Hook, Explore, Inquire and Reflect. This technique trains our students to think systematically and creatively

AKLC S2 Science Mastery