How can AKLC help your children

How can AKLC help your children

AKLC Online Learning - Real Time Feedback

Personalised real-time corrective feedback

Personalised real-time corrective feedback is key to a high-impact learning progression. Checking and helping each child’s work can be done more effectively Online than in a classroom.

AKLC Helps your children, enhanced focus

Enhanced attention & focus>

Surfing another website? Distracted? Not doing the assignment? Our teachers will know with our proprietary online platform. The parents would then be notified if further corrective measures are required.

AKLC Online Learning Formative Assessment

Practice makes perfect

AKLC Online is nothing like a typical sit-back-and-listen tuition. Your child will engage in hands-on assignment every eight to ten minutes. Having the right digital tool becomes even more important. Each student in our class is equipped with a digital writing tablet.

AKLC Online Learning Academic Support Group

Active learning community

Helping your child when they need it the most through AKLC Online Telegram Academic Support chatgroup. No more wasting time waiting for solutions from other forums. Simply snap and post your questions and receive a suggested solution almost instantly! By sharing questions and solutions with each other, it creates a multiplier effect.

AKLC Helps your children, learning mastery

Learning mastery

Not knowing what to work on to ace your child’s exam? Ensuring learning mastery with a technology-enabled AKLC Online with a detailed strength analysis.