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Singapore’s FIRST EVER online step-by-step PSLE Maths guide that focuses on PSLE Maths Paper Two

Many parents, including you, have struggled with teaching their P5 & P6 children in PSLE Maths Paper Two structured/long-answer questions. There are just too many categories of question types – Equal Fractions Concept, Before & After, Internal Transfer, External Transfer, Supposition – to master. It can get pretty confusing even for adults. And these questions make up a whopping 45% of the entire PSLE Maths!

Don’t you wish there is a step-by-step hand-holding guide?

With MAPx, all your struggles and confusion are a thing of the past. As your child goes through the MAPx lessons, the confidence level in tackling PSLE Maths Paper Two will increase tremendously. Knowing that your child can solve all PSLE Maths Paper Two word problems as your child step into the examination hall is a superb confidence booster!

Every PSLE Maths student will score reasonably well
in Paper One or even the full 45%! 

The equation is simple: 45% Paper One + (?)% Paper Two = A*

What is your child’s (?)% for Paper Two?

45% Paper One
+ (?)% Paper Two = A*


What is your child’s (?)% for Paper Two?

Here is how our MAPx can help your child

✅ No more ‘killer’ questions

  • Mastery of all possible types of PSLE Maths Paper Two word problems
  • Extensive library of 25 lessons containing up to 4500 minutes worth of word problems

✅ Zero learning stress

  • Learning at his or her own pace with Singapore’s FIRST step-by-step guidance

✅ Multiply revision hours

  • Learn anytime, anywhere, using any device even during the 45-min journey home from school
  • 45 min X 2 X 5 days X 4 weeks = an extra 30 hours to revise for PSLE Maths

✅ Eliminate exam anxiety

  • Renewed Maths confidence in your child
  • Trained to solve all word problem within 5 main steps

✅ Save time & energy by practising intelligently

  • A special set of assignments with only 300 questions
  • Don’t waste time practising aimlessly on a pile of past year school papers anymore

✅ Clarify your child’s Maths doubts when they need it most and you are unable to help

  • Exclusive access to AKLC’s QUICK REVISION ASSISTANCE (C.R.E.A.T.E.) telegram chatgroup when you purchase MAPx
  • Simply snap & post a picture of the Maths question and receive solutions and problem-solving tips

Hurry! Offer is capped at first 50 sign ups and it’s first come first served!

With 25 lessons of up to 4500 minutes and more than 300 carefully selected practice questions adapted from past PSLE Maths and Prelims, your child will be fully equipped to conquer all PSLE Maths Paper Two word problems such as Advanced Before & After, Double-If Scenario, Simultaneous Equation, Supposition, etc.

These lessons can be reviewed 24/7, anytime, anywhere and on any device – your child is in complete control to learn at his or her own pace.

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