Muhammad Raayan Bin Mohd Ramlan

Tanjong Katong Primary School, Student of AKLC 2010

My grade jumped from a D to B for PSLE! Before AKLC, I scored a D for my English. Now, I am proud to now say I scored a B for my PSLE English. As a dyslexic, language has always been a problem for me. The English Mastery™ programme helped me fully understand vocabulary and grammar. Thank you Adam Khoo Learning Centre for helping me manage my learning difficulties.

Khadeeja Nadira

  2014 FB review

I like Adam Khoo’s learning centre a lot because it teaches us many good examples to be an effective person, on how to persevere and do other stuff as well as to score A’s in studies.

Ansley Chee Wei-Jinn

Nan Hua Primary School, Student of AKLC 2014

I would like to thank the teachers at Adam Khoo Learning Centre for their consistent encouragement. Though I had been with the Centre for less than a year, I have enjoyed the lessons tremendously.  Whenever I have any personal questions, from school or past exam papers, the teacher provided me with the best answer right on the spot. This contributed to my huge improvement in Maths and me scoring A* for PSLE.  Thank you for making the difference!

Anthea Cheo

The Yale-NUS Double Degree Programme with Law (DDP), AKLC student & coach from 2014 – 2017

I joined AKLC Coaching in 2014 when I was just 13. At first, I thought it would just be a good way for me to pass my time during school holidays, but I soon discovered that being an AKLC Coach had so much more to offer. AKLC Coaching pushed me out of my comfort zone by giving me the opportunity to partake in the organisation of large-scale events such as PSLE Seminar.

I was given the chance to do event planning, public speaking, and much more. In the beginning, it was scary to take on this role when I had little prior experience leading others. However, I was fortunate to have been given the chance to learn from my fellow coaches, seniors and the trainers.

I gained valuable skills such as communication and teamwork that have since been useful in my other endeavours, and shaped me into a more confident and outspoken individual. No other learning centre would have entrusted the role of a coach to students like me, but AKLC truly believed in us. For that, I am very grateful to AKLC Coaching and the AKLC Team for being such a huge part of my formative years!

Keith Lim

Pei Hwa Primary School, Student of AKLC 2010

Adam Khoo Learning Centre has taught me many useful study techniques and in turn it has helped me greatly in my academics.

Carmen Low Gah Mung

School Of The Arts, Student of AKLC 2014

I have been a student at AKLC for two and half years. I really value my education at AKLC.

Before I joined AKLC, I hated Math as it was so difficult and I could only score a “B” in school. But after I joined, my Math result had went up to a high “A” and now I scored an “A*” for PSLE. AKLC taught us different methods to solve difficult Math questions and the way they taught us was very interesting, I could easily grasp the concept to solve the questions. Thank you AKLC for teaching me these methods that help me improve so much!

David Lee

October 2017 FB review

My son has been with AKLC for a few years and he always enjoyed each and every lesson.

Bryan Chua

Faculty of Dentistry, NUS

I was a coach at AKLC for 6 years. I decided to become a coach at AKLC after my trainer introduced me to this programme. There was a multitude of reasons why I wanted to become a coach – the most important being able to learn skills and values which till now I still hold and believe in.

Coaching has taught me how to become a LEADER, and how to better communicate with people as well. With the knowledge of how to lead, I was chosen to hold multiple leadership appointments in and out of school. This also provided me with a wider circle to learn more about myself. 

There are lots of things I learnt throughout coaching, such as time management, responsibility, confidence etc. I still believe the skills learnt from coaching is important in life and will nurture me to become a better person, a better leader. I highly encourage you to join coaching to learn about yourself from another point of view and take away skills and knowledge that can’t be easily brought home from school