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October 22, 2020

Turbo-Charged Learning Through AKLC Online

We are pleased to inform you that amidst this global pandemic, Adam Khoo Learning Centre (AKLC) has been making adjustments in the way we operate, especially when the COVID-19 situation started to escalate and affect our familiar way of living and learning.

With the myriads of Edutech tools, I believe all of us would have expected learning to go online – it is just a matter of time – be it schools or after-school tuition. 

At our public schools, the teachers have taken this crisis head-on and turned it into an opportunity to jumpstart their online learning curricula. Online learning will be the new normal, a term that is all too familiar now.

As responsible educators and parents, we want to ensure that our children’s learning experience is just as powerful or even more effective than face-to-face (f2f) sessions. 

Recipe for an Effective Online Tuition Class

Ingredient #1

Our live online classes provide real-time corrective feedback. We have integrated online teaching tools to improve our students’ learning experience by ensuring that real-time feedback is provided. It is important to let our students know that they are on our radar to reduce “online delinquency”, i.e. students who may drift away, browsing other websites or playing their favourite online games while maintain “100% visual attention” with the laptop camera. While students have their part to play, I believe it is the teachers’ responsibility to ensure each online lesson is as interactive as possible. 

I am sure as a parent, when our child does something wrong, we would want to rectify it at that instant. You know as well as I do that instant corrective feedback is more effective in moulding behaviour. The same goes for learning. When a mistake is explained in real-time instead of the usual homework turn-around lead time of days, our children remember the learning up to 80% longer than otherwise.

I want all of you to imagine a f2f lesson now.

In a typical f2f lesson, when students work on their tasks, one of the main concerns is having to hand the work to the teacher and get it marked. This process could take about a week or more for the written assignment to be returned to them. This can be inefficient in my opinion and worse, the golden learning opportunity is lost.

Ingredient #2

Adam Khoo Learning Centre provides after-school academic support by way of a telegram homework/revision helpline. This allows positive learning to happen. Discussion and peer learning do not have to be restricted to in-class sessions. This support allows students to seek for guidance 24/7 literally. Have you ever encountered questions that you can’t solve and you have to politely turn your children away? Allow me put this across bluntly. Primary school contents, for example, are getting tougher. It can be quite tricky and challenging to say the least. Our telegram helpline is as much a life-saver to parents as it is to our students. In fact, parents seem to be the ones using our helpline more often than our students. This learning community has received positive comments from our students and their parents. The sharing of questions and solutions acts as a multiplier effect – instead of attempting 10 questions with a limited amount of revision time, you now have hundreds of students each sharing his or her collection of tough questions. 

Ingredient #3

Our students will have access to a library of online quizzes and interactive activities to help with their revisions before and after their learning. How many of you here are guilty of buying tonnes of examination papers for your child to complete before every weighted assessment? “It’s all for your own good”. Sounds familiar? Our quizzes are not merely an assessment of learning. Our proprietary system allows our students to identify their weak areas. For the first time, parents are able to tell with certainty their children’s academic strengths and weaknesses. 

Online learning definitely has its own sets of hurdles to overcome. Nevertheless, when these challenges are properly managed and resolved, online lessons along with the ever-smarter edutech tools can become much more efficient than f2f classes. 

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