UPPER Primary

AKLC P5 English Mastery

English Mastery™ P5

English Mastery™ for Primary 5 is designed to further strengthen your child’s understanding and usage of grammar, punctuation and tense in order to prepare them sufficiently for Primary 6.

These classes also place a strong emphasis on the exam format to get them familiarised with the increased difficulty and demands of the jump from the Primary 4 curriculum to Primary 5.

During these weekly 2-hour lessons, your child will learn to:

  • Build strong content for composition using various writing techniques. (Show not Tell Strategy, 5 Senses Strategy etc.)
  • Write fluently and coherently for viable plotlines with at least 200-words length.
  • Make use of and represent better vocabulary in an accurate and descriptive manner. (Synonym and Antonym Inclines, Proverb/simile/phrasal verb Lists etc.)
  • Analyse Paper 2 examination sections with advanced strategies. (R.A.F.C.R. Cloze Passage Strategy, Annotation Strategy etc.)
  • Identify their own weaknesses and strengths in the English language and how to grow from there.

Maths Mastery™ P5

Your child is now transiting to PSLE preparation.

The content and new paper structure are even more demanding and most students face the same difficulty: inability to solve word problems efficiently!

Building on our BRIDGES that we introduce to our Primary 4s, our PSLE Specialists will impart a suite of BRIDGES® techniques to your child to conquer those seemingly unsolvable Paper Two Word Problems.

Your child will be proficient in the following areas:

  1. Whole numbers up to millions with the four operations
  2. Fractions involving the four operations
  3. Decimals including conversion to fractions and percentage and vice versa
  4. Percentages including conversion to fractions and decimal and vice versa
  5. Ratios
  6. Measurement 
  7. Geometry
  8. Data Analysis
AKLC P5 Maths Mastery
AKLC P5 Science Mastery

Science Mastery™ P5

In our programme, students will be engaging in interactive activities such as quizzes, group discussions, debating sessions and learning journeys which challenges students on Popular questions.

Students will be exposed to daily applications which serve as a booster to Open-Ended Questions.

In addition to completing the Primary 5 Syllabus, the teacher will conduct revision on the topics covered in Primary 3 & 4.

A weekly spelling which acts as a booster will be conducted to help children familiarise themselves with the scientific words.

Their hard work will then pay off with a monthly experiential experience where they will learn to plan and implement the experiments to meet the objective.

Through our Science tuition classes, your child will learn more in-depth knowledge on topics such as:

  1. Water/Carbon cycles
  2. Cells
    3. Human reproductive systems