UPPER Primary

Primary Four

AKLC P4 English Mastery

English Mastery™ P4

English Mastery™ for Primary 4 is designed to enhance your child’s technical know-how in the four main skills of English.

It helps solidify your child’s grasp on grammatical principles, good writing practices, and exam format question analysis.

During these weekly 2-hour lessons, your child will learn to: 

  • Identify, analyse and write a range of text types. E.g.  news reports, eye-witness accounts, expositions, advertisements. (R.A.F.T. Strategy)
  • Respond to comprehension using analytical and inferential skills. (Annotation Strategy)
  • Analyse, compare and contrast text organisation in various articles.
  • Organise and express ideas coherently and cohesively in their writing.

Maths Mastery™ P4

Our Primary 4 Maths curriculum expands on topics learnt in Primary 3 with increasing level of complexity.

Your child will also be introduced to new topics which requires the application of prior knowledge and the ability to analyse and infer.

We help our students by introducing our BRIDGES® Technique to solve all word problems.

This sets the foundation for tackling any challenging questions your child might encounter in Upper Primary.

Your child will be proficient in:

  1. Whole numbers such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of up to 4-digit numbers;
  2. Fractions such as mixed numbers and improper fractions;
  3. Decimals;
  4. Measurement such as time, money and area and perimeter;
  5. Geometry involving perpendicular and parallel lines, angles, 8-point compass, symmetry, etc.;
  6. Data Analysis such as tables and line graphs.
AKLC P4 Maths Mastery
AKLC P4 Science Mastery

Science Mastery™ P4

Primary 4 Science marks the completion of the Lower Block Science Programme as mandated by Singapore Ministry of Education.

Many Primary 4 students would struggle to remember what they have learnt in Primary 3, let alone learning new concepts. 

To help children tide over the difficulty and still be able to enjoy Science, we have implemented many interesting activities in our Science tuition programme!

Come explore Scientific Experiments and Debates to spice up your child’s learning of Science.

Through hands-on activities in our Science tuition, your child would experience the concepts first hand and understand how to craft their explanation greater.

In addition to the Primary 3 topics, your child would learn new topics such as:

  1. Energy and System
  2. Digestive systems
  3. Circulatory systems