Upper Secondary

AKLC S4 English Mastery

English Mastery™ S4

For students who are taking the G.C.E. O Levels examination this year, coping with the English Language assessments in school can be a daunting task.

“The paper is challenging and therefore many of us are failing.” is a mantra commonly heard among students this age.

Many of these students are lost and do not know where and what to do to help themselves. 

Our Secondary 4 English tuition programme reinforces strategies and skills to help students do better by working smarter and teaching them to focus their attention and energy instead of going all over the place.

At the same time, in these tuition classes, we revisit some of the key skills some may have missed during the previous years in school.

During these weekly 2-hour lessons, your child will learn to:

  • overcome obstacles in writing by using an easy to follow structure crafted by AKLC.
  • tackle difficult comprehension questions and understand the complex narrative text better by using our detailed close reading technique.
  • maximise effort and minimise time waste by using our strategy to tackle paper 1 and 2.
  • leverage peer learning and active discussion for greater ideation facilitated in class.
  • improve and identify his or her weakness in oral communications and come up with a plan for improvements guided by our teachers.

Maths Mastery™ S4

This is the penultimate year for Secondary 4 students. They would be reviewing what they have learnt since Secondary 1, for Elementary Maths, and Secondary 3, for Additional Maths. All in preparation for their O Levels.

It is not uncommon to fail or score full marks for the first revision test or revision quiz. Neither is it a good reflection of what is to come.

The reason that makes students love or hate Maths is the same: most of the topics are interweaved whereby a poor understanding of one will inevitably affect the mastery of the other; a good understanding right from the start will ensure a smooth and enjoyable learning process, saving precious revision time for other subjects such as Humanities and Sciences.

Our teachers will help your child make sense of the tonnes of formulae and use them flexibly for different questions.

Most importantly, to achieve the dreams that your child desires to have.


For Elementary Maths, your child will be proficient in:

  1. All the topics covered in Secondary 1 – 3; along with
  2. Set language and notation
  3. Properties of circles
  4. Matrices
  5. Vectors in two dimensions

    For Additional Maths, your child will be proficient in:

    1. All the topics covered in Secondary 3; and
    2. Differentiation
    3. Integration
    4. Kinematics
    AKLC S4 Maths Mastery